Dress Code


Denim shall be allowed in all areas of the Club with the following exceptions:

1.  Golf Course: Denim is NOT allowed at any time. This includes the practice range, putting and chipping areas and the indoor practice facility as well as the golf course.

2.  Dining Room, La Entrada, El Rincon, Riviera, Santa Ynez rooms, and the Board Room: Denim is NOT allowed while dining or attending any activities in these rooms. Persons transiting these areas, for example, going to another dining area or the restrooms, may wear denim.

3.  Denim must be appropriate for country clubs (no cutoffs, holes, tears, etc.).

4.  Areas of the Club where denim is allowed include the parking lots, the locker rooms, the Grill and Terrace dining areas, the Golf Shop, the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms, the Tennis and Fitness areas, the Pool and Snack Bar–everywhere not specifically excluded above.

Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress code and for ensuring compliance with the code.  Members and their guests will be denied service and asked to leave for failure to comply.

Dining Room, La Entrada, El Rincon, Riviera Room, Santa Ynez, and Board Room:
Jackets are not required by gentlemen in the dining rooms.

Pacific Grill:
Acceptable golf attire and casual dress (conforming to the dress code) is allowed.

Tennis attire is allowed (conforming to the dress code).

Locker Rooms:
Locker rooms are provided for both men and women. Acceptable golf and tennis attire is permitted.

Hats shall not be worn by gentlemen in the clubhouse.

Boys and girls over the age of twelve (12) must follow the adult dress code. For children under the age of twelve (12), parents are responsible for their children’s appropriate attire, conduct, behavior, and decorum. Shirts must be worn inside the pants unless specifically designed to be worn outside.

Denim is not allowed at any time

Collared shirts or sport shirts designed for golf with a mock collar are allowed. All shirts must be tucked in at all times and caps must be worn forward (removed while inside the clubhouse). Golf shorts, shorter than 6 inches above the middle of the knee and longer than 4 inches below the bottom of the knee are not permitted. Baggy cargo shorts with protruding outside pockets (not flat stitched to the material) are not permitted. 
Golf skirts, divided skirts (skorts), tailored slacks or Bermuda shorts (no shorter than 6 inches above the middle of the knee) are allowed. Women’s shirts must have either sleeves or collars or both.

Swim trunks and bathing suits are allowed in the pool area only. Swimwear is not allowed on the outer terrace of the snack bar. Pool attendees must wear appropriate attire before entering or exiting the pool area, i.e. cover-ups or shorts, shoes, etc. There are NO BRAZILIAN CUT swimsuits, thong, low rise, or lingerie inspired suits allowed, and a cover-up is required when going to and from the pool area.

Only proper footwear, such as athletic shoes, tennis shoes, etc., golf shoes without spikes (soft or hard) are allowed. Heels, bare feet, street shoes, beach sandals/flip-flops are not permitted in the fitness center. Bare feet or socks are permitted for Yoga classes. All members must wear shirts, t-shirts, warm-ups, or other appropriate exercise attire, at the discretion of the General Manager. Bathing or swim attire or abbreviated clothing is not permitted. Excessive perfume and/or cologne are strongly discouraged.