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Your new user name has two parts. The first is your member number and the second is an extension that identifies who you are in the family with your member number. 

The extension takes the form -00X, where the "X" identifies which family member you are. The extension for the primary member is -000. The extension for the spouse is -001, and the sequence continues if there are other family members using the website.


  • If your member number is 1234 and you are the primary member your user name is 1234-000

  • If your member number is 123 and you are the spouse of the primary member your user name is 123-001

Fortunately, the password is much simpler—it is just your last name in lower case letters. For example: doe

After logging in the first time you will be prompted to change your user name and password to something more convenient and secure. You can even reuse your old LCCC website user name and password if you wish.

5-11-18 -Your username and password has been restored. Please use your previous login that you have customized for logging into the site. 

If there are any problems please contact Lanita Pattenaude 805-563-1616

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